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Gallery 4, curated by Art Intersection, and hosted at HD SOUTH, operates with the mission to stimulate dialogue and the exchange of ideas as well as community engagement that provokes an insatiable thirst for human understanding and connection. Exhibitions and programs in Gallery 4 invite the viewer to engage in personal reflection and conversation regarding social, environmental, and cultural topics. Artists presenting work in Gallery 4 intend to provoke thinking and stimulate dialogue for the exchange of ideas as well as community engagement. Through this presentation of art we intend to transform our immediate personal experience to a broader perspective. I hope you will connect with Gallery 4 where art leads you into a conversation about our community, culture, and environment.– Alan Fitzgerald Executive Director, Art Intersection
Gallery 4

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The Impact of a Journey- Antarctica and The Emperors by Amy Novotny

 June 6th – October 10 2020

What  started as a simple photographic expedition to capture images of the world’s largest penguin turned into much more. The journey alone to the Emperor Penguin colony was a harrowing, unforgettable experience as the dreaded Drake Passage in the Southern Ocean lived up to its reputation and changed the lives of many onboard the Russian icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov through injury and broken bones. 
 Meanwhile, evidence of the changing climate affronted us at every turn. Thinning sea ice allowed the ship to maneuver closer to Snow Hill Island, Antarctica than its previous journey in 2010. The penguin colony, likewise, had to settle closer to the island but still lived its life cycle completely in water or on sea ice. They had no fear of us; rather, we enjoyed a mutual curiosity. Our impact on these creatures was not by our presence in the colony those three days but by our actions over time that have changed the global temperature and environment. Their impact on us, however, was transformational: the 100 voyagers plus crew witnessed an emotional beauty unlike any other. 
 Local Arizonan photographer, Dr. Amy Novotny, captured the daily life of these Antarctic dwellers and presents both the artistic side of nature photography as well as the reality before us. Besides bringing awareness to this region of the world, her hope with these images is to tug at your heart so you make daily choices that can improve and restore this world. Come learn about and view the arduous journey to the colony, the unique Emperor life cycle and the artistic beauty of this gentle bird.


View Amy’s virtual discussion here:

Gilbert Visual Art League

HD SOUTH also partners with GVAL (Gilbert Visual Art League) which is a non-profit group that offers a venue for local artists to show their work. GVAL strives to increase artistic awareness and appreciation in the community.

We are delighted to host their annual GVAL Members Art Show in November, and their annual Juried Fine Art Show in March. For more information about GVAL visit their website:

Public Submissions are welcome. Go to for more information

Upcoming GVAL Shows

GVAL 7th Annual Members Show
October 31 – December 3 2020


Take a 3D virtual tour of GVAL’s annual Juried show

Tour created and provided by Jennifer Keen at Envisioned Spaces