Gallery 4 at HD SOUTH

Gallery 4, curated by Art Intersection, and hosted at HD SOUTH, operates with the mission to stimulate dialogue and the exchange of ideas as well as community engagement that provokes an insatiable thirst for human understanding and connection. Exhibitions and programs in Gallery 4 invite the viewer to engage in personal reflection and conversation regarding social, environmental, and cultural topics. Artists presenting work in Gallery 4 intend to provoke thinking and stimulate dialogue for the exchange of ideas as well as community engagement. Through this presentation of art we intend to transform our immediate personal experience to a broader perspective. I hope you will connect with Gallery 4 where art leads you into a conversation about our community, culture, and environment.– Alan Fitzgerald Executive Director, Art Intersection
Gallery 4

Current Exhibitions

April 12 – April 24, 2022

Through the Needle’s Eye

Several years ago, HD SOUTH hosted Through the Needle’s Eye, a traveling exhibit organized by the Embroiderers’ Guild of America (EGA). It was so successful that they decided to host another needlework exhibit, this one dedicated to Arizona stitchers. Embroidery is generally defined as the embellishment of ground fabric using a needle with an eye. It has a long history, with examples of embroidery found in Egyptian tombs.


Starlight Stitchers, a local chapter of the EGA, is the driving force behind the exhibit. This will be a non-judged, non-juried show of works by Arizona stitchers from local chapters of the EGA, the American Needlepoint Guild and the Smocking Guild of America. There will be various embroidery techniques and styles displayed in addition to the well-known cross-stitch.

Members of Starlight Stitchers will be available during the exhibit to answer questions and demonstrate a stitch or two.

Upcoming Exhibitions

May 3 – May 17, 2022

Gilbert Public Schools Secondary Art Show

Gilbert Public Schools Secondary Art Show will be on display during Museum hours, in Gallery 4, from May 3-May 17, 2022.  Nearly 40 pieces of student created artwork will be showcased.  The exhibit will feature selected works from students in grades 7-12.  Pieces include paintings, drawings, photographs, ceramics, and sculpture.  For additional information please visit the GPS website at  HD SOUTH is delighted to, once again, host the GPS District Art Show in Gallery 4.  Gallery admission is included with paid museum admission.

Gilbert Visual Art League

HD SOUTH also partners with GVAL (Gilbert Visual Art League) which is a non-profit group that offers a venue for local artists to show their work. GVAL strives to increase artistic awareness and appreciation in the community.

We are delighted to host their annual GVAL Members Art Show in November, and their annual Juried Fine Art Show in March. For more information about GVAL visit their website:

Public Submissions are welcome. Go to for more information

Upcoming GVAL Shows


Take a 3D virtual tour of GVAL’s annual Juried show

Tour created and provided by Jennifer Keen at Envisioned Spaces


Past Exhibits


Kerrick James began photographing Arizona in 1977, at first only the wild places of exotic beauty, then over time the people and cultures of our Southwestern nirvana. His images are drawn from a thousand explorations across the expanse of Arizona. Some are of places now lost to flood or time. They depict iconic landscapes, ephemeral weather and celestial phenomena.  Included are billion-year-old rocks, medusa-like saguaros, images of cowboys and horses, Hopi and Navajo dancers, adventurers and musicians alike, and of course, Route 66, our distinctive slice of the highway of American myth and promised freedom.


HD SOUTH, Home of the Gilbert Historical Museum, is excited to showcase this exhibition of work in Gallery 4, from Kids in Focus, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to empowering and inspiring at-risk youth.  The goal of Kids In Focus is to encourage children to reach their potential using photography to ignite their imagination and build their sense of confidence and value.  Kids in Focus helps children gain a new perspective on themselves and their environment by tapping into the power and universal language of photography.  Be sure to see this exhibit on display through September 4th.  You will be amazed by the images the kids captured on film as part of this program to build self-confidence and resiliency.  HD SOUTH is open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Gallery 4 admission is included in the price of museum admission.


Through Each Other’s Eyes – Guatemala Exchange 

This exhibit of photographs by image-makers from different cultures explores their dissimilar worlds.  Two individuals from Arizona, Rebecca Wilks from Yarnell and Geoff Reed from Phoenix, and two from Guatemala, Rony Mejia and Javier Alvarez-Vassaux both from Guatemala City, consecutively hosted their counterparts for ten days of road travel to capture iconic imagery of their respective lands.

The photographs explore how cultural background informs a person’s unique vision, ranging from the Guatemalans’ surprised response to the vast, open, sparsely populated vistas of the arid American Southwest, to the Arizonans’ joyful reaction to the vibrant color and bustling population of tropical Guatemala.