Live Quilting Bee

Quilting Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday Mornings Year Round

Live Quilting BeeIn the Home Life room you’ll find volunteers demonstrating their quilting skills. A group of quilters are usually here most Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Anyone is welcome to join the group. Whether you are an experienced needle-worker, or an amateur who has never picked up a needle, the group will happily share their skills with you. Our volunteers complete unfinished quilt tops for the public, with all proceeds going to Gilbert Museum.

Do you have a quilt to finish?

Quilt ShowThe quilters can complete up to 26 quilts a year, and receive quilt covers and orders sent from all over the country. Their quilting service is extremely popular, and waiting times can be lengthy. But if you have a quilt top that you just don’t have the time or skills to finish, our volunteers will finish it for you at a price of just $7-a-foot. They make tiny stitches, fastening the quilt tops to inner batting and backing, to create beautiful bedspreads and wall hangings that are truly works of art.

Special Traveling Exhibit From the American Quilt Study Group

200 Years of Solid Color Quilts- 1800-2000

Members of the American Quilt Study Group were challenged to study a solid color quilt created any time during the last 200 years and create a quilt inspired by the original. The inspiration quilts are varied and resulting creations range from a near duplicate to a distant but certainly related relative. Twenty-three quilts that were completed will be on display at HD SOUTH as part of a special traveling exhibit from the AQSG. Stop by and see this amazing handiwork for yourself!