Live Quilting Bee

Quilting Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday Mornings Year Round

Live Quilting BeeIn the Home Life room you’ll find volunteers demonstrating their quilting skills. A group of quilters are usually here most Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Anyone is welcome to join the group. Whether you are an experienced needle-worker, or an amateur who has never picked up a needle, the group will happily share their skills with you. Our volunteers complete unfinished quilt tops for the public, with all proceeds going to Gilbert Museum.

Do you have a quilt to finish?

Quilt ShowThe quilters can complete up to 26 quilts a year, and receive quilt covers and orders sent from all over the country. Their quilting service is extremely popular, and waiting times can be lengthy. But if you have a quilt top that you just don’t have the time or skills to finish, our volunteers will finish it for you at a price of just $7-a-foot. They make tiny stitches, fastening the quilt tops to inner batting and backing, to create beautiful bedspreads and wall hangings that are truly works of art.

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