Art Tour Stop 28: HD South

Art Tour Stop 28: HD South

Art Tour Stop 28: HD South

Elaine Kessler

We are at the final stop on our Art Tour through the Heritage District. We have explored 27 distinct spots in downtown Gilbert that include water features, concrete etchings, murals, lights, and artistic furniture. In addition to art, we’ve discussed diversity, history, agriculture, water, and architecture. Arriving now to the pièce de résistance, the source of this online tour, is HD South, Home of the Gilbert Historical Museum.

HD South is the pioneer in Gilbert for a new approach to community building called Communities for All Ages that “intentionally brings diverse age groups together to address issues that affect people at all stages of life. Gilbert’s demographic make-up is ideally suited to the CFAA model, with 37% of the town’s population under 19 years of age, and 25% over 50 years old. By adopting the CFAA model, HD SOUTH aims to bring our community together to grow, learn, & play through the arts, culture, programs & history in one historic location in Gilbert, Arizona.”

Located at 10 S. Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296 on the SW corner of Gilbert and Elliot, HD South has diverse offerings including classes, presentations, a museum, events and more. Covering history, art, culture, well-being, genealogy, and a host of other interests, HD South is truly a hub for all topics community related and people driven. To discover more about the community and about who you are in the community, be sure to visit HD South. For more information, visit:

I hope that this “tour” helped you see not only the vital importance of art in our lives but the abundance of art in our downtown area. Art is everywhere – we must open our eyes and truly see the profound beauty all around us. There are incredible artistic features that have been incorporated into the functionality of the heritage district; take some time to notice and appreciate them. Acknowledging the arts can help us to better understand ourselves as a community and to enrich us culturally.

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