HD SOUTH: ART Scavenger Hunt KEY

HD SOUTH: ART Scavenger Hunt KEY

  HD SOUTH: ART Scavenger Hunt KEY 

This scavenger hunt involves the many and fun art features in the Heritage District of Gilbert.  

Hint: Check out the articles detailing the aesthetic elements in HD South’s blog section. 

Find 15 of these aesthetic elements (total 29) in any combination, in downtown Gilbert.  

Write down the descriptions and/or show photos of yourself at these sites for a PRIZE redeemable during open hours at HD South, 10 S. Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296. 


1) Creatively painted fiberglass bench(es) (total of 4 benches at time of publication) 





2) Kugel ball/fountain 


3) Water tower 


4) Mural(s) (total of 13 murals at the time of publication) 


5) The water feature where this quote lives: “Thousands have lived without love, none without water.” W.H. Auden 


6) The water feature with stepping stones 


7) The sparkling “water” blue glass pathway 



8) The “hay” in the pavement 


9) The “cotton” in the pavement 


10) The clock tower 



11) The water feature/s that flank both sides of Gilbert Rd 


12) The theatre  


13) The art gallery 


14) “Roadside architecture” 




15) The arts and culture center, home of the Gilbert Historical Museum 




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