At Home Activities

At Home Activities

Coloring Pages

Police and Fire coloring pages accompanied by historical facts .

Farm Coloring page

Quilt Pattern Coloring page

Coloring Pages provided by GVAL

Coloring pages provided by GVAL


Memory Matching Game

Gilbert history focused memory matching game. For an added activity come up with your own image to draw on the top side of the card.

Word Search

This Gilbert themed word search in a shape of a train and is ideal for those ages 10 and up.

Scavenger Hunt

Test your Gilbert knowledge with our museum scavenger hunt! This scavenger hunt is based off of the one you will find in the museum and is fun for the whole family. Included is a corresponding answer key.

Create your own Newspaper page

Any child can now be the author of their own newspaper with this printable page. Have kids document this time in history through their minds or they can make up their own funny stories of what is going on in the worl

Jigsaw puzzles

Do you love puzzles? Some of our most iconic Gilbert photos have been created into jigsaw puzzles! See if you can complete one or all of them!

Make your own butter!

Follow these step by step instruction to make your own delicious homemade butter. A fun activity for the whole family!

Comparing Past, Present, Future

This activity can prompt inter-generational dialogue on what and how things change, and what and how things stay the same. Young and old can use their memory and their imagination to compare past, present, and future.


Churning butter

Follow along with this lesson on churning butter and see how butter was made in the earlier times.

Oral History

No time is better than the present to conduct your own oral history. Document your family stories from grandma and grandpa. This oral history guide will give you all the tools to conduct your own oral history.

Fascinating and Fun Gilbert Facts!

Do you know what was Gilbert’s claim to fame? Or why the railroad was so important. Test your Gilbert history knowledge with our Fascinating and Fun Gilbert Facts sheet.


Try your hand at baking and cooking with these recipes from “A taste of Gilbert 100 years of recipes & remembrances” by The Gilbert High School FFA Alumni .